Bespoke Organs

If you have a need for a specific organ and you would like to find out if it would be possible for us to create it, or if you would like to ask us about hardware or indeed require a turn key solution for your needs, why not contact us? Please use our Enquiry Form to get in contact in first instance, giving a brief explanation of your needs.


VSTi technology allow the use of mutliple modules at the same time. This opens up the possibility to create organs with more than one manual and pedal board, each using their own VSTi module.

One of our designs uses 3 VSTi modules, one for the “Hoofdwerk” (Great), one for the “Rugwerk” (Positive) and one for the “Pedaal” (Pedal). It is based on the kind of organs that were built in the 17th century in Dutch city churches such as the one in this picture.

This particular isntrument has 24 voices, which is quite considerable for this kind of organ. An interesting aspect is that the Rugwerk of the instrument is literally a separate smaller version of the main organ case that is placed behind the back of the organist when he sits behind the console. The lower manual is connected with the Rugwerk.

The voices of this design are:


Prestant 16’
Subbas 16’
Gedekt 8’
Octaafbas 4’
Nachthoorn 2’
Fagot 16’
Trompet 8’
Schalmij 4’



Prestant 8’
Roerfluit 8’
Octaaf 4’
Spitsfluit 4’
Quint 2 2/3’
Octaaf 2’
Mixtuur IV
Trompet 8’



Prestant 8’
Holpijp 8’
Fluit 4’
Woudfluit 2’
Nasard 1 1/3'
Octaaf 1’
Sesquialter II
Dulciaan 8’


Couplings are achieved via the console. We use a Johannus Opus 1000 as midi console to play this organ, but it is also possible to use other midi enabled consoles. A new design virtual console using photo realistic toggle switches allows full control of the organ on a single screen.

This example organ is (currently) not for sale, but we are happy to discuss your ideas or needs. Please get in touch. 

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