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Positief III


virtual organ company positief iii v5 virtual vst dutch style pipe organ software screenshot

the Positief III from the Virtual Organ Company (VOC) is a fully VST compatible organ that doesn't use samples but very comprehensive additive synthesis instead. The program is therefore small by comparison, and provinding you use an ASIO compatible soundcard, latency is virtually absent. Despite all this, the sound is incredibly realistic, better in a lot of cases than what some existing electronic pipe organs or software produce. Why not check it out for yourself and listen to some of the samples below?

The Positief III is based on an early 17th century single manual so called "4 foot positive" organ from the low countries. Despite its modest size and 8 voices, it sounds really big. That is because the instrument is brightly voiced in a sparkly Renaissance/Baroque style and not only has a "Mixtuur III," a repetitive mutation stop that has 3 pipes for each key, each sounding a different note, it also has a two strong "Sesquialter II", which was very popular at the time and adds a lot of body to the sound

The "Regaal" is also something to be heard. This reed voice with very short pipes is modeled on the popular keyboard instrument with the same name of the 16th and early 17th century. Some people find the sound quite repulsive, but I think it is magic, and in full assemble it sounds quite impressive.

The voices are:

  1. Holpijp 8’ (Stopped flute) 
  2. Roerfluit 4’ (Rohrflute) 
  3. Prestant 2’ (Diapason) 
  4. Quint 1 1/3’ (Nineteenth) 
  5. Octaaf 1’ (Ocave) 
  6. Mixtuur III (Mixture) 
  7. Sesquialter II (Sesquialter) 
  8. Regaal 8’ (Regal)

The instrument uses more than 50 oscillators to create the sounds and effects that make each of the voices so realistic. It is 8 notes polyphonic/

There are also facilities to to set the overall volume, octave, fine pitch, MIDI channel (including "All"), amount of reverb and room size, and there is a Tremulant with adjustable speed and depth. There is a transposer function and there are also 16 programmable presets, which can be called via MIDI to make this instrument even more versatile.


The Positief III also features a choice of temperaments including Equal Beat (modern standard), Pythagorean, Arnout, Mean Tone, Rameau, Kirnberger 3, Werckmeister 3, Vallotti, Young, Silbermann and Lehman (Bach). Using these temperaments allow you to re-create the sound of the organ as it was in bygone years. The tuning of the organ can also be switched instantaniously between a=440 Hz or a=415 Hz.

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