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Positief IV

The organ for the early music enthusiast

virtual organ company positief iv virtual vst german chest organ software module screenshot

The Positief IV or "Truhenpositiv" is the latest addition to our steadily growing selection of VST pipe organs. Especially designed for the early music enthusiast, It is based on a typical 17th century German "chest" organ, which is a very small organ built into a chest with usually the keyboard on top.

Positief IV has all the usual facilties you expect from a VOC organ, and much effort has gone into making it sound as real as it gets. German chest organs usually have between 3 and 7 voices, depending on the size. The Positief IV has 6 voices:

1. Gedackt 8'
2. Rohrflöte 4'
3. Prinzipal 2'
4. Quint 1 1/2'
5. Super octave 1'
6. Regal 8'

As with the Positief III, there is a choice of temperaments and the organ can be transposed and fine tuned. There is a facility to tune the organ immediately to a=415 Hz.

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